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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meet romance author Lilia Birney

I want to introduce you to Lilia Birney. She is one of the authors in Regency Christmas Anthology series. I've read her story "A Second Chance For Christmas", and it's to DIE FOR!!

Lilia, tell us about yourself:
Well, I live in North Carolina and I have been writing professionally for about five years now. I have only written fiction for about a year, though. I have always loved reading Regency romance novels but never thought I could write one--until very recently, when I decided what the heck and took the plunge.

What made you start writing?
I was always a good writer in school, meaning that the teacher would read things I had written for assigments out loud to the class (most of the time without my permission, which pissed me off, LOL). But I never dreamed I could write things and actually earn money for them. This didn't occur to me until I got a gig writing restaurant reviews when I was staying at home with my newborn daughter. It just mushroomed from there.

That's awesome about your school teacher! You must have had a true talent back then. Tell us about your experience in writing a short story for the Regency Christmas Anthology.
What is this story about? My story is about Philip Whitton, the second son of Lord Norland. He's the Regency equivalent of a messed up rock star. He has this enormous talent but squanders it on drinking and drugs. He's still bitter that Emily Ware jilted him two years ago.

Here is the blurb:
Philip Whitton has been summoned back home by his grandfather after a wastrel existence in Italy, studying music and trying to forget his first love. Emily Barlow, nee Ware, is picking up the pieces of her shattered existence following her husband's death. Thrown together by chance on the road back home to Danby, Emily and Philip rekindle the flames of their old passion. Will the fire burn itself out like it did before, or are they ready to follow their hearts and live out the truth of their love?

A messed-up rock star? How funny! Do you have an excerpt to tease us with?

How about the first paragraph?

Philip Whitton shook off the fog that still clung to his brain, wrinkling his nose at the stench of herring that wafted up from Yarmouth's banks. Twas too much for any man to bear, that was for certain. The sooner he was in the Danby traveling berlin, with its ducal crest and luxurious appointments, the better. He could sleep until they reached the first stop of their journey home. The passage from Den Haag had been rough, but Philip was not one to suffer any pain or discomfort. Fortunately, Captain Baines had been most forthcoming with the beer and ale on board, as one would expect for the second son of a Marquess. And when the ale or the wine wasn't enough to dull his sensibilities, there was always the poppy. Laundanum always fed Philip's art, fueled his desires, and dampened reality to a dull roar. Between the liquor and the tinctures, the sailing from Den Haag to Yarmouth was really not as bad as one might expect.
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Great beginning! Do you have other stories?
Right now I have a contemporary novella up on Amazon, called "From Air to Eternity." I worked on that series with Jerrica Knight-Catania, who also worked on this anthology.

Jerrica Knight-Catania is another awesome author! Are you working on something new?
I am also writing the Liberated Ladies series, a book of Regency romance-mysteries. Book 1 should be hitting the virtual shelves by December 1.  
Love that series title! I can't wait to read the series. So, where can readers find you?
The best way to reach me is through Twitter, I am @LiliaBirney. Join me there for a writing sprint sometime! Or you can read my blog at  

CONTEST!!! Comment on this blog for a chance to win a Kindle, Amazon and Barnes & Noble gift cards, and great books in our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway!!

Lilia Thanks for being my guest today!!!


Penguin S and Hubs said...

Love what teasers of your work I've read on wattpad! Can't wait for Christmas to buy some in full!

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