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Monday, November 15, 2010

Deputy Marshal Richard Bennick - a sexy hero!

I thought I'd try something different and interview a hero I just met a week ago. Deputy Marshal Richard Bennick made my heart melt from the first time I heard him speak. Now I want you all to experience that. Richard Bennick is from the story, "Lost Hearts" from author Kathy Otten. (available Nov 12th at The Wild Rose Press) 

PC: Richard, can you tell us a little about your childhood? Where did you grow up, and what was your family like?

RB: My parents had a farm in Raymond, New Hampshire. They were good, God-fearing Christian people. My brother, James, and I were happy. We went to school and helped our father on the farm. James is four years older than me, and I followed him everywhere. We were close until the war then James grew distant. Or maybe it was me.

PC: What made you go into law enforcement? Being a Deputy Marshal sounds like a very exciting profession. Do you love your job?

RB: I never planned to be a deputy marshal. The war happened and James enlisted. Then our parents were killed in a wagon accident on their way home from town. I was fifteen and a crack shot, so I lied about my age and joined up with Berdan’s Sharpshooters. After the war, James couldn’t stay; he was too restless. So we sold the farm and headed to Texas. For a while we rounded up cattle scattered because of the war. I wasn’t much good with only one arm so I went back to what I knew. Instead of hunting Rebs, I hunted train robbers for the Texas and Pacific Railway. Seven years later I heard Judge Parker was looking to hire two hundred deputies to patrol Indian Territory. Seemed like a good idea, riding out alone away from people. I don’t love the job, but I know how to do it.

PC: Richard, tell us how you lost your arm.

RB: I was wounded when I was seventeen, during the Battle of the Wilderness in May of sixty-four. I woke up and my arm was gone. Doctors took off arms and legs for three days and nights. God, I hate maggots. And don't ask me anymore about it, cause I don't remember.

PC: Richard, I have to tell you, the more I get to know you, and because of what I've read about you in "Lost Hearts", I have an image of Goran Visnjic in my mind. Do you think you look like this?

RB: Goran is better looking than me - he looks more like my brother. And Goran looks like he sleeps better than me.

PC: Oh, now Richard, don't be modest. I happen to think you and Goran could be twins!  So tell me, when you first met Johnny, what did you think of the little bugger?

RB: Those eyes—they sucked me in from the first. She has this amazing ability to accept what can’t be changed—even me. She’s never once judged me or tried to fix me, or tried to rationalize away my moments of...crazy. And she’s so feisty she makes me laugh, when I never thought I could.

PC: What was it like being attracted to an outlaw? I bet you were one confused man.

RB: Johnny doesn’t confuse me, she scares me. She’s an outlaw accused of robbery and murder. I have a warrant and a sworn duty to see her brought to justice. But when I’m with her the lines are so blurred I can’t tell right from wrong, sanity from insanity. I’m terrified I’ll cross over one of those lines and not even know.

PC: Is there something about you that most people don’t know?

RB: I’m not close to anyone. I try to keep my distance, but I see the people watching me, judging me—that crazy deputy with one arm. They know nothing about me. They don’t want to know, not really. They’re just waiting for me to fall apart, and I don’t want to be their entertainment.

PC: What is your greatest strength?

RB: Johnny

PC: What is your greatest weakness?

RB: That black hole inside me. The dark abyss of insanity which sucks up time and memory. I can see it at the bottom of a slope so slippery I know that one day I’ll slide into and just disappear.

PC: So Richard, tell me – have you been lucky in love?

RB: Lucky? I’ve never been too lucky. My parents were happy together, and James found someone. But I figure I need a good woman. A church going woman, who is innocent and pure, someone who can balance out the… Well, that evil inside me.

PC: Are you a family man, Richard? Do you see a wife and family in your future?

RB: Once upon a time when I was a boy, I thought that’s how my life would be. Maybe sometime I’ll marry that perfect woman, but for now, making it through today is enough.

But Johnny, now she deserves that--a family for her to love and to be loved by. If somehow I can give her that, then I’ll be happy.

Richard, Kathy Otten, and I hope you run to The Wild Rose Press and order her book. It's definitely a great read!



Tina Donahue said...

What a cool idea - loved the interview!!

Kathy Otten said...

Thanks Phyllis for having Richard as your guest today. If anyone has a question for him I hope he'll answer.

Kathy Otten said...

Thanks Tina. Glad you stopped by.

rmczeyzus said...

Is it too late to ask the deputy marshal a question? If not - I'd like to know if he would ever consider a job with less traveling and less danger. What if he got married and needed to provide a more secure future for a family? By the way, my name is Regina.

Kathy Otten said...

Thanks for stopping Regina,

RB: My brother, James has a ranch near Big Timber, Montana. He asked me to come up. His ranch has been expanding and he needs a partner. He says it's big, open country--not a lot of trees. I've been thinking about it lately.

rmczeyzus said...

Would you teach your woman to shoot?

Kathy Otten said...

RB: Johnny doesn't much like guns. And I'd rather keep it that way.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Great post! I love the interview with a hero! Sounds like a good story, too. Happy sales.

Kathy Otten said...

Thank you Anna. I'm glad you stopped by.

lizarnoldbooks said...

Super-duper post! Loved it.

Kathy Otten said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate your taking the time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

ok...your not going to believe this but my name is eva bennick....for real...and my husband is richard bennick....for real...and he spent 23 yrs in the millitary....for real...and he is a law enforcement officer...for real!I just got his mom and his sisters this book for X-mas...they are gonna die!!!

Kathy Otten said...

Hi Anonymous,
Don't know how I missed your post, and I know this reply is late in coming, but I was scrolling around on Google and saw your comment. Don't know if you'll see this reply, but the coincedence between my characters and your life is amazing. It's kind of like when they say that there is another person out there that looks like you. Hope your family enjoys the book. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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