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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Welcome K.R. Bailey

I want everyone to give a big hello to K.R. Bailey. I've known her for many years since we met at my RWA Chapter here in Utah. She's a wonderful person and such a good friend.  I've interviewed her, so take a minute and learn more about this awesome writer!

Phyllis: Tell us about yourself.

K.R.: I’m married to my best friend. We live in a rural area near Ogden, Utah, with our yellow lab, Max. I’m grandma to four wonderful grandchildren and another one is expected in August. It’s a little girl, and I’m really excited about the new baby.

I love the mountains and outdoors and every chance we get, we head to our cabin nestled in the shade of the tall aspen trees. My husband calls our mountain retreat, Evening Shade, because it’s shaded every afternoon and evening. We have hummingbirds galore, and I so enjoy watching the little birds flit about. Moose and elk wander in now and then, and we have a small deer that lives under our deck. It’s a wonderful place for us to get away. While my husband works outdoors around our cabin, I can spend my time writing. In fact, I’m at our cabin right now!

When I’m not writing, I’m reading. I’ve always been an avid reader. I love romance and suspense, but I’ll often pick up a western historical too.

Phyllis: Dang, woman! You married the kind of guy most romance writers want. (grins) What/who inspired you to become a writer?

K.R.: I can’t remember when I didn’t love writing. I started doing my own biography years ago. I used to do genealogy with my mother and wrote up historical information about my grandparents and parents. I’ve always kept a journal whenever I’ve traveled describing where I was, what I saw, and how I felt. For years I told my sister someday these journals would come in handy. I started my first novel over twenty-five years ago, but I never finished it. Instead, I got married and let my writing go. When I retired six years ago, I saw an ad for the Utah Chapter Romance Writers of America and told my husband I wanted to join. That got the writing fires going and I love it!

Phyllis: You're right there, K.R. Our RWA Chapter rocks! Describe the perfect day in your world.

K.R.: I start out my day slow as I’m not a morning person. I’ll read the newspaper and sit on our patio and visit with my husband as we enjoy the cool morning air. When he goes to do his chores, I retreat to my office and write. Perfection would be no interruptions for an entire afternoon, just me and my computer and chocolate! And to top it off, it’s always wonderful to be able to put the finishing touches on my last chapter and type “The End”. To make my day perfect, I’d not have to worry about cooking -- yuk! I hate to cook.

Phyllis: K.R. We are more alike than I first expected. I'm not a morning person, either. lol  You have two stories published …Can you tell us a little bit about them?

K.R.: I actually have three stories published. My first story, An Afternoon Tryst, is an erotic short story written under the penname Modeska Rose, and is available through My editor says it’s a wickedly naughty story but has a surprisingly delightful ending.

Sensual reads said: An Afternoon Tryst…Marissa and Norm are having problems in their marriage. Unsure how to fix it, Marissa begins an exciting affair with the handsome Cole. With a surprising twist, it actually does a lot to save the marriage. An Afternoon Tryst was a fantastic story. This was truly an enjoyable read.

My second story, My Guardian Angel, is a sweet romance and my first published under the name of K. R. Bailey. It’s available through We lost my mom about eight years ago and I watched my Dad struggle with going on with his life after being married for over sixty years. When he met a lady friend and they started doing things together, they become my inspiration for the hero and heroine in My Guardian Angel. This is a sweet and touching romance where a widow and a widower find love, demonstrating that you are never too old for romance.

Long an Short Reviews said: My Guardian Angel is a touching story that definitely pulls at the heartstrings while entertaining the reader.

My story, Can You Trust A Cowboy? is a sensual story published with Bookstrand Publishing, and was just released in June. The story is based on a lady truck driver. My daughter is a truck driver and her boss says she’s one of the best. When she’d talk about driving, a story started dancing in my head, and she became my inspiration for Tricia Beaumont, the heroine in Can You Trust A Cowboy? She’s always been intrigued with cowboys and who isn’t? So my hero is a cowboy in tight jeans and a Stetson hat. We’ve always teased my daughter about taking over her father’s trucking business so I thought why not make Tricia a business owner as well.

Can You Trust A Cowboy? is my first try at writing romantic suspense. It’s full of spicy love scenes, a strong heroine, a handsome sexy hero, and a unique twist. Can Tricia learn to trust the man in the black Stetson amidst deception and half-truths when violence threatens to destroy her world?

Romance at Heart Magazine said: Can you Trust a Cowboy? has it all …Ms Bailey raises the stakes in Can You Trust A Cowboy? and ups the ante on love. This sassy, sexy tale is rife with suspense, innuendo and danger. If you love romantic suspense, this is a read you won’t want to miss.

Phyllis: Your stories sound awesome!  If you were stranded on an island for a week … which hero would you like to be stranded with?

K.R.: Gosh, I’d hate to have to pick just one. I’d be happy to be stranded with any one of them.

Norman Cole from An Afternoon Tryst is a kind, tender man who is willing to go outside of his comfort zone to keep the love of his woman. Wouldn’t we all love a man like that?

Joe Bailey from My Guardian Angel is a handsome older man with graying sideburns, a deep love for his family, and the desire to help and protect Emma as she struggles to get through the pain of losing her husband of over twenty years. My kind of hero.

Cowboy Wes from Can You Trust A Cowboy? is cocky and sexy, rich and handsome, and owns his own company. He’s part Sioux and his own man, willing to take a stand for what he wants in life. But he is also tender and loving, the kind of man who would make most any woman swoon.

Phyllis: Okay, so you got me there.  I wouldn't know which one to pick, either.  Does your family support your writing?

K.R.:  For the most part, my family has been supportive. I have to make sure I give my husband plenty of time in my life as we’ve always done most things together. If I get really involved in a story, he tends to feel a bit slighted, but he’s come to accept it’s something I want to do and in fact bought my mini computer just so I can take it with us camping, fishing, and to the cabin. That way, we go together, and he can do what he wants while I write. When I sold my first story, he was so cute about it. It was on my birthday and on my birthday cake he had them put congratulations on your book sale and made a point of letting everyone know how excited he was for me. My sister is probably my most avid fan. She reads everything (somethings more than once), gives me feedback, and is always encouraging me to keep writing. My daughter-in-law is always anxious to read anything I write and is probably my most active marketing person, taking fliers to work and letting everyone know when I have a new story out.

Phyllis: You are such a lucky girl to have that kind of support!  How can readers find your books and contact you?

K.R.: I have a web site:

My blog is:

Both have links to where you can find my stories as well as contact information.

My e-mail is:

My Guardian Angel is available through

Can You Trust A Cowboy? is available at

An Afternoon Tryst is available at

Kathy Rochell

writing as K. R. Bailey


stanalei said...

Yay! Kathy! Have to pick your cowboy story. I really loved the other two stories. Congrats on the new release. Great interview.

Debra St. John said...

Hi K.R. - oh, I do so love those coboys in their Wranglers and Stetsons.

Evening Shade sounds like the perfect retreat...

Lesli Muir Lytle said...

Hi K.R.
So glad to see you doing well. You were my first mentor in the romance genre, and I remember every word.

Phyllis was the first to teach me the trick to POV. I would be lost today without you both.

Lesli Muir Lytle

Maeve said...

Great interview! Best of luck to you.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

Nice interview ladies.

Your books sound wonderful. I have a soft spot of cowboys. :)

How sweet of your husband giving you an extra special Birthday Cake. Very cute.

I wish you well with all your books.

Janice said...

Your cabin sounds lovely. I'm not a morning person either.

Good luck with the new book.


Autumn Jordon said...

KR, Your book sounds great. A lady trucker. I love it. My family business is trucking. I need to check it out. Have you thought about advertising in NASTC newsletter? I have. Evil's Witness starts with a tractor-trailer heist-- based on true incident.

Your home sounds lovely. My DH & I visited Utah last year, Zion. Love it! WOuld love to have a home there.

Congrats, lady. I'm going to check the book out.

MarthaE said...

Hi Kathy and Phyllis -
This was a nice interview. I like the description of your heros... I can see why it's hard to pick just one.
Your cabin sounds lovely and peaceful. Best wishes on the romantic suspense and on more writing success.

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